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  Doss Home Watch Services

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  "A visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues." 

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Doss Home Watch Services in Punta Gorda, FL

  Interior Service:

  • Detailed Checklist Report completed during each home watch visit displaying the condition of your property along with the date and time it was completed.
  • IMMEDIATELY report to Client any abnormalities found.
  • Check electric panel for tripped breakers and make sure electric water heater breaker is turned off.
  • Check for signs of forced entry, theft or vandalism (doors and windows are properly locked).
  • Check for evidence of water damage, visual signs of mold and mildew on floors, ceilings and walls.
  • Check for signs of pests, insects or rodents.
  • Check A/C temperature and humidity readings.
  • Run faucets, sink disposals, and flush toilets. Check back of toilets and under sinks for leaks.
  • Check that main water valve is turned off after each visit. (unless otherwise requested by client).
  • Check refrigerator, freezer and make sure ice maker is off.
  • Check air conditioner for condensation water leaks.
  • Check water heater tank for leaks.
  • Check and reset microwave and stove clocks.
  • Check for unusual odors.

 Exterior Service:

  • Visually check home exterior: windows, doors, gutters, roof, pool, lanai and garage for signs of damage or vandalism.
  • Remove newspapers, flyers, packages, and phone books from front door area.
  • Check mailbox.
  • Put trash cans away after home owners' departure.

 Included in Monthly Pricing:
 Open Home:

  • Turn on water.
  • Turn on air-conditioning.
  • Turn on water heater tank.
  • Synchronize clocks in kitchen.
  • Turn outside light on if coming in after dark.

 Closing Home: 

  • Shut off water outside (unless otherwise requested by client).
  • Turn off electric water heater breaker.
  • Adjust air conditioning to 60% humidity and thermostat to 76.
  • Empty ice maker and shut off.
  • Dispose of garbage.
  • Make sure all doors and windows are secured.

 Additional Concierge Services: (Fee Required)

  • Airport Shuttle
  • Forward mail if requested.
  • Package Delivery or Pick-up.
  • Pre Storm Preparation Assistance & Post Storm Inspections.
  • Waiting Services (for service, repair, delivery, installation, etc.).
  • Grocery Shopping, Running Errands.
  • Start idle, stored vehicles and drive if insured.
  • Answering security alarm calls 24-7.
  • We can assist you in coordinating services from licensed professionals and supervise that work has been done properly:

               Air Conditioning / HVAC                            Cleaning Services

               Electrical                                                 Hurricane Shutter Services

               Landscaping & Tree Trimming                   Maintenance & Repairs

               Painting                                                  Pest Control

               Plumbing                                                Pressure Washing Services

               Real Estate Sales & Rentals                      Renovations


     Many things can go wrong in 30 days in an unattended property.

     We strongly recommend 2-4 inspection visits per month.

     Our regular business hours are Monday thru Friday 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST.

     We are available after hours for emergencies.

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Florida Home Watch Services                                                                            Airport Shuttle